Patch Notes 2/10/2023: Our First Playtest!

Today marked our first playtest of the quarter, showcasing not just the great progress on Taco Cat but also various other games made by students here at UCSC! There are also some important announcements!


Unity Night Part 2

The meeting time and location for Unity Night Part 2 are now confirmed! It’ll be happening TOMORROW (2/11/23) from 12pm to 1pm at DARC 308 (in person!).

Weekly Art Department Work Jam!

The Art department producers are working on hosting a work jam! You can find the When2Meet for the meeting in the Art Announcements Channel (#art-announcements) in the Taco Cat Discord. Be sure to fill it out if you’re interested!

Second Alumni Panel

Last week, we had a panel of GDA alumni who now work professionally come and share their insights with us! Well, we have another alumni panel planned for you guys! It’ll be on 2/24/23 (two weeks from now). More details to come!

Sprint 3

Sprint 3 officially starts next week! The goal of this next sprint is developing secondary prototypes!

Last but not least…

Today was Catie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Catie!!! 🎊🎊🎊


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