Patch Notes 3/03/2023: Work Jam

The goal of today’s meeting was to touch base on the progress in the various departments for Taco Cat as well as get some more work done. Along with that, we have some…


TacoCat Playtest 2!

We’re going to have our second playtest next week on the 10th. It is going to be in-person at DARC 308.

Community Night

For our upcoming community night this Sunday, we will be hiking to Painted Barrels. It will start at 5pm at the DARC 308 Skybridge.

Development Hiatus

With the Winter Quarter coming to a close, we’re announcing the Taco Cat Work Hiatus. All this means is that work on Taco Cat will cease on Week 10 of Winter before it picks up again back in Spring. Even if you do want to continue development of the game, it is very important to take breaks and prevent burnout. So please, take this time off and enjoy yourselves!

Along with the traditional announcements, we also have the department progress updates!

Mock Studio Updates

Along with the announcements, we’ve also go a whole lot of updates on the progress on Taco Cat from our different departments! Here are all the updates, buckle up.


What’s Completed?

The vertical slice is complete! This means that a functional version of every part of the game (driving, taco making, ability to switch scenes, and the UI) is done!

What is Being Worked On?
  • Game Score
  • Gas and Gas UI
  • Texting prototype for cutscenes
  • Nitro UI
  • Order generation for different species
  • An asset tester


What’s Completed?
  • Alex style page!
  • Taco Ingredient assets have been completed!
  • Working environment textures are complete!
What is Being Worked On/Needs to be Done?
  • UI for the Gas Levels (needed in Taco Making and Driving)
  • UI for Taco Making
  • UI for Texting Cutscenes
  • Ingredient concept art


What’s Completed?
  • Customer variation document!
  • We’ve chosen which temp UI/UX to implement.
What is Being Worked On?
  • Check Ins with the other departments for the Taco Making and Driving games.
What Needs to Be Done?
  • Designing core loop
  • Working on map generation


What’s Completed?
  • Most of the concept tracks have been finished!
  • People have been assigned to SFX concepts, which some already being done!
What is Being Worked On?
  • SFX concepts
  • Music track development
  • Implementing FMOD


What’s Completed?
  • Alex and Jamie’s characterizations are finalized!
What Needs to Be Worked On?
  • Writing dialogue scenes (mainly the first one)
  • Planning the endings
  • Discussing with the other departments

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