Patch Notes 4/14/2023: Our First Meeting Spring

Today marks the beginning of our Spring Quarter of development! Today was a work jam, with all the departments coming together to work on our game Taco Cat. Along with that, we have some announcements and development updates for Taco Cat!


New to the Club?

New to the club? Welcome, we’re happy to have you! Make sure to join the Discord Server, it’s the hub for all things GDA. Not just development, but also community events! If you’d like to get caught up on what we’ve done and jump into development, also join the Taco Cat Discord Server and take a peek at the Taco Cat Webpage to see what the game looks like!

Social Media

Starting this quarter, we’re going to start using our other social medias! Posts will be all things ranging from progress updates and showcases of games (not just Taco Cat but also other games that come to our playtests) on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to department workshops on YouTube to club announcements for stuff like Community Night! These are the platforms we have right now:

Upcoming Playtest

Next week on Friday (4/21), we’re going to have our first playtest of Spring Quarter! Come on by if you want to test out games like our very own Taco Cat as well as any other games UCSC students bring (feel free to bring your own game)!

Community Night (Super Mario Bros. Movie!)

This Sunday we’re going to see the Super Mario Bros. Movie! We’ll be seeing it on Sunday at 5:45pm at the Santa Cruz Cinema!

Round 1 Field Trip!

Next Community Night (April 23rd), we’re going to the Round 1 Arcade in San Jose! If you want to come, please fill out the form here! Also, if you can carpool others please fill out the form here!

Thank You to Andrew!

Andrew Dunne, one of our incredible Art and Writing Officers, has resigned as a GDA Officer. From all of us here, thank you so much for everything Andrew!

Officer Recruitment!

A lot of us officers are geezers seniors. As a result of that, and other reasons, many of of will be leaving GDA this quarter. That means that there are a lot of positions open! If you are interested in being any of the following:

  • Art
  • Design
  • Outreach
  • Production
  • Writing
  • Sound

then please fill out our form here!

Whew, that was a lot of announcements. Let me grab a sip of water 🥤. Stay hydrated. Ok, now for…

Mock Studio Updates!

Here is where we go over what the goals for our game Taco Cat for the next sprint through our various departments!


Working On:
  • Making the SlugCon build exist
Will Be Doing:
  • Making the full build exist


Remaining Assets!

Cutscene Panels

  • INTRO:
    • Intro Character Flats: complete
    • Intro Shading: in progress
    • Intro Background: in progress
    • Scene: in progress
    • Alex + Jamie: not started
  • MISC:
    • Gift Box closed/open: in progress

Taco Making Minigame

  • Updated Alex’s Paw: not started

Driving Game

  • Gas Gauge: not started


Working On
  • A Tutorial for TacoCat
  • Driving Minigame Ground Generation
  • SlugCon Playtest Form
  • Finding Bugs


    • Composing, Recording, Editing
    • Listen to our music in development and give us feedback!!
  • FMOD Implementation

We’re also looking for meow sound effects to use! If you have any in mind, submit them here!


What’s Done?
  • Our Happy Ending rough draft is done! 
  • Character Barks are done!
What’s Being Worked On?
  • Reviewing all the scenes & giving feedback! Going into final drafts! 
  • Finishing sad ending!
  • Communicating and implementation!

That is it for today’s meeting, see you all next week!


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