Patch Notes 5/5/2023: Work Jam (and SLUGCON INFO)

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Today we got together to work more on Taco Cat! We’re beginning to close in on the end of development. Specifically, Sprint 7 starts next Monday! That’s right, Sprint 7 out of 8! With that, we’re establishing an asset deadline for those currently working on the game. That being: May 14th! We also have some big announcements and progress updates!



Slugcon, for those who don’t know, is a huge anime and gaming convention held by SAMA (Slug Anime and Manga Association) on May 6th (TOMORROW) from 1pm to 7pm at the Merrill Cultural Center! There will be various panels, an Artists’ Alley, giveaways, a League of Legends tournament, arts and crafts, and more! Learn more over on their Discord server! One of those various panels will be none other than producers and officers from our own mock studio team presenting and demoing Taco Cat! The time slot for our panel is 2:15 pm, but we’ll also be playtesting throughout the event! Come see us if you have the time and celebrate all of your hard work! Not only is Taco Cat going to be there, but 8-Bit Bloom, GDA’s (legally speaking unofficial) idol group, will be performing three original songs on stage at 3:15pm! Come and show your support!

GDA Merch Submissions!

Every year, we make merch using member designs for people who want to show off their support for Taco Cat or the club as a whole! If you’d like to submit a design fill out this form and let us know!

Community Night!

We’ll be playing Jackbox Games over Discord on Sunday 5pm!

Mock Studio Updates

Please keep in mind that for all of these the asset deadline is May 14th!


Working On:
  • Making the SlugCon build exist
Will Be Doing:
  • Making the full build exist


Remaining Assets!

Cutscene Panels

  • INTRO:
    • Intro Character Flats: complete
    • Intro Shading: in progress
    • Intro Background: in progress
    • Scene: in progress
    • Alex + Jamie: not started
  • MISC:
    • Gift Box closed/open: in progress

Taco Making Minigame

  • Updated Alex’s Paw: not started

Driving Game

  • Gas Gauge: not started


Working On
  • A Tutorial for TacoCat
  • Driving Minigame Ground Generation
  • SlugCon Playtest Form
  • Finding Bugs


    • Composing, Recording, Editing
    • Listen to our music in development and give us feedback!!
  • FMOD Implementation

We’re also looking for meow sound effects to use! If you have any in mind, submit them here!


What’s Done?
  • Our Happy Ending rough draft is done! 
  • Character Barks are done!
What’s Being Worked On?
  • Reviewing all the scenes & giving feedback! Going into final drafts! 
  • Finishing sad ending!
  • Communicating and implementation!

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