Patch Notes 12/1/2023: Pitch Night Winner and Playtest

Today is our first playtest of the year (and our last meeting of the quarter)! Since we haven’t started our Mock Studio development yet, we’ll be testing out other student games as well as just playing games a group! We are also revealing what game won Pitch Night! For those who don’t know, that is the game we’ll be working on for the rest of the school year (so its big news)! Without further ado, let’s get into that!


Winner of Pitch Night!!!

Let’s lead with the big one. But before we do, we want to thank all of our incredible pitchers that we had this year! You all did incredibly! So, with that established, the winner of pitch night was 🥁🥁🥁🥁


Congratulations Ethan Yoshino, Evan Lake, and Ronan Tsoi! For those who want to refresh themselves on what Malisense was all about, feel free to look over their written and visual pitch!!!

Fall Survey

With the quarter coming to a close, we’re wondering what you think! Please let us know you thoughts about the club at this form here!

Community Night

There isn’t one. Work on your finals. 👍🏽

Our Next Meeting

With this being our last meeting of the quarter, you may be wondering when is the next meeting? If you’re not that’s fine too. The meeting is (tentatively) on January 12th! It’ll be from 6pm to 8pm at Digital Arts Resource Center Room 308! It isn’t just our first meeting of the quarter, it’ll be our first meeting of Mock Studio! It officially marks the beginning of Malisense’s development!

That’s all for today’s meeting. See you next quarter!!!

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