Patch Notes 4/19/2024: Malisense Workjam and a WHOLE BUNCH of Announcements!

With today’s meeting marking the end of Sprint 5, we have a lot of big development updates for y’all! However, that’s not all. We have a lot of big announcements, including recruitment for new officers, our annual field trip to Round 1, our very own version of GDC, and more!


Officer Recruitment

In case you don’t know, many members of our officer core are graduating, meaning we have a lot of vacancies! So, if your at all interested in any of these roles, please fill out this form:!

Open Roles
  • Treasurer
  • Writing officer(s)
  • Design officer(s)
  • Production officer
  • Art officer(s)
  • Sound officer
  • Webmaster
  • Mock Studio Coordinator

If you’re concerned about if you can commit to the role, apply anyway! If we like your application and offer you the role you are in no way required to accept.

Round 1 Field Trip

For those who don’t know, every year we do a big field trip to Round 1! This year, we’ll be going on May 5th, 2024! Interested? Let us know at this form here:

The First Ever GDA Conference!

We’re going to be holding our very own version of GDC, which we’re calling the GDA Conference (GDAC for short). For those who don’t know, GDC (the Game Developers Conference) is a place to meet fellow game devs, do fun workshops, and listen in on cool guest speaker events, and GDAC will be much the same! This will be a big event for us, and we really hope to see you there! If you’re interested, sign up at this link here:

TacoCat is a Finalist at the Student Game Awards!

We have a secret to tell you. We had privately submitted TacoCat, our last Mock Studio game, to the Student Game Awards! And man do we have good news! It is a finalist in the categories of Score & Music, Art Direction, and Game Direction! If you’re curious to see if TacoCat will win, there will be a Twitch Stream tomorrow at 4pm! Stay tuned on the Discord for a link to the Stream!

Development Updates

We’re closing up Sprint 5, meaning the game is starting to really come together! And that means a lot of updates!


  • Unified the various different state machines for each monster
  • FMOD fixes
Needs to be Done:
  • Sound Beast Fixes
  • Doors & Switches Fixes
  • Player Interaction Fixes
  • Items (e.g. Flash Dust) Fixes
  • Loading Screen Fixes
  • Monster Speed Tweaks
  • Main Menu Updates
  • Pause UI/Floor Notes
  • Shop System

Please Note: Today is the end of Sprint 5, meaning please submit pull requests by MIDNIGHT!


  • Rigging & Animation Workshop
  • UI Concepting

Needs to be Done

  • Player and Monster Rigs!!
  • Tilemap Updates



  • Most of the Floor 1 Revision (90%)
Needs to be Done
  • Floor 2 Concept
  • Scene flow
  • Floor 1 Revision Implementation


  • Player SFX (stamina depletion)
Needs to be done:
  • Villager Bark
  • Village Shop SFX


  • Final Cutscene Concept Doc
  • Final Cutscene Dungeon Note
Needs to be Done:
  • Final Cutscene Dialogue
  • NPC Dialogue
  • Inky Implementation

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