Patch Notes 4/26/2024: Week 1 of Sprint 6!

Today marks the end of Week 1 of our 6th development sprint for Malisense! As we get closer to wrapping up development, we got some big deadlines approaching as well as big progress updates. Alongside those two, we have various important club-wide announcements for you, including more info on the upcoming GDA Conference, information regarding our first Town Hall, and a new four-part D&D Community Night!


Officer Recruitment

As mentioned last week, we’re gonna need new officers! So, if your at all interested in any of these roles, please fill out this form:!

Open Roles
  • Treasurer
  • Writing officer(s)
  • Design officer(s)
  • Production officer
  • Art officer(s)
  • Sound officer
  • Webmaster
  • Mock Studio Coordinator

If you’re concerned about if you can commit to the role, apply anyway! If we like your application and offer you the role you are in no way required to accept.

Round 1 Field Trip

Our annual trip the Round 1 entertainment center in San Jose is coming up (5/4/24)! If you want to join in, fill out this form by tomorrow:

Updates on GDAC, Our Very Own GDC!

For those who don’t know, we’re hosting our own version of GDC called the GDA Conference (GDAC for short. GDC (the Game Developers Conference) is a place to meet fellow game devs, do fun workshops, and listen in on cool guest speaker events, and GDAC will be much the same! We’ll be running some networking events, as well as having some guest speakers, portfolio/resume reviews, & mock interviews! Interested? It’s happening May 26th from 12pm to 5pm at the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) Room 308. Interested? Sign up here!

A Four-Part Community Night? A New DnD One-Shot!

We’ll be running a four session D&D Mystery Adventure! Our first session of this will be tomorrow (April 27th), with the remaining sessions coming later. This first session will be at DARC 230 from 12pm to 4pm! While there are limited slots for the players in the campaign, we have audience interaction mechanics that allow everyone to be part of the fun! Interested? Check out this new Discord Server for this special event!

The First GDA Town Hall!

We want to hear from all of you regarding what you think about the club and what we could do better. So, we’re running a Town Hall to hear straight from you all! It will mostly likely take place on our Week 6 General Meeting (5/10/24) for about 2 hours, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes! We will be sending out a question form sometime soon on our Discord to get a feel for the questions you want to get addressed!

Please Note: This Town Hall is in regards to only how GDA operates. We would like to avoid any questions regarding any other organization (including but not limited to UCSC as a whole and the games majors (AGPM and CS:GD)). We hope this will be a great experience for everyone and we hope to see you there!


That’s right! Every year, we sell merch on our Redbubble relating not just to GDA as a whole but also for the Mock Studio game of that quarter (meaning Malisense!). You might be wondering though who designs the merch? The answer: you! (potentially). If you’re interested in submitting a design, please fill out our form here: The first round of submissions is due May 6th, with the final deadline being May 31st! If you are interested in knowing what we’ve made in the past, take a look at our Redbubble Page to see our 2022-2023 collection of TacoCat related merch!

Development Updates

We just wrapped up our first week of Sprint 6! Good work! Before we get into all the updates, lets go over some important development deadlines.


  • Any Changes for Next Week’s Playtest – April 28th
  • Dungeon Floor DesignsApril 29th
  • Inky Scripts, FMOD events, Dungeon Floor Implementation, Art Assets – May 6th
  • Asset ImplementationMay 13th



  • Player Interaction
  • Pause during Floor Notes
  • Doors and Switches
  • Main Menu Input
Needs to be Done:
  • Sound Beast Fixes (urgent)
  • Distraction State (urgent)
  • Shop System
  • Safe Zones
  • Flash Dust
  • Magic Hand Artifact
  • Pause UI
  • Fixes (Loading Screen, Village Scripts, Enemy Speed)
  • Scent Beast


  • Player Walk & Run Animation
  • Lots of Progress on UI
  • Lots of the game’s items

Needs to be Done

  • Animation (Rigging is already good to go!)
  • Tilesets
  • Character Sprites for the Scholar, Mayor, and High Priest


  • Floor 1 revisions
  • Begun designing floor 2
  • Scene Flow doc

Needs to be Done

  • Implement floor 1 revisions
  • Finish floor 2 design (By Monday)
  • Implement floor 2 design


  • Chase SFX
  • Dynamite SFX
Needs to be done:
  • All FMOD Events


  • Final Cutscene Concept Doc
  • Mayor/Crypt Keeper Dialogue
  • Most of the Scholar Artifact Reactions (90%)
  • Clergy Dungeon Dialogue 
Needs to be Done:
  • Final Cutscene Dialogue
  • Inky Implementation
  • Scholar/Clergy Questions about other characters

That’s all for today’s meeting! See you next week for the Sprint 6 playtest!

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