Patch Notes 5/3/2024: Sprint 6 Playtest

To close off our 6th sprint, we had another playtest! Much like our other playtests, this one featured not only our latest build of Malisense but also various other games made by our members! Along with the playtests, we had various announcements and development updates.


Round 1 Field Trip is TOMORROW!!!!

Our annual trip the Round 1 entertainment center in San Jose is tomorrow! Drivers should plan to leave Santa Cruz around 10:30am, and the arrival location will be 2200 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, CA 95122. We’ll be staying there quite a while (exactly how long depends on your driver and your group, but expect to be there until at least 5pm), so please bring anything you feel you may need!

Officer Recruitment is Closing!

We’re about to close up our form for new officers! Specifically, its closing this Sunday! So, if your at all interested in any of these roles, please fill out this form:!

Open Roles
  • Treasurer
  • Writing officer(s)
  • Design officer(s)
  • Production officer
  • Art officer(s)
  • Sound officer
  • Webmaster
  • Mock Studio Coordinator
  • Programming Officers (NEW!)

If you’re concerned about if you can commit to the role, apply anyway! If we like your application and offer you the role you are in no way required to accept.

More on GDAC, Our Very Own GDC!

We’re hosting our own version of GDC called the GDA Conference (GDAC for short). GDC (the Game Developers Conference) is a place to meet fellow game devs, do fun workshops, and listen in on cool guest speaker events, and GDAC will be much the same! We’ll be running some networking events, as well as having some guest speakers, portfolio/resume reviews, & mock interviews! Interested? It’s happening May 26th from 12pm to 5pm at the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) Room 308. Sign up here!

The Four-Part Community Night Continues!

We’ll be running our next session of the four session D&D Mystery Adventure this coming Sunday. While there are limited slots for the players in the campaign, we have audience interaction mechanics that allow everyone to be part of the fun! And don’t worry if you’ve missed the previous session, you can catch up on all the lore and story in the Discord Server here:

The First GDA Town Hall is Next Week!

We’re running our first town hall next general meeting so we can get feedback directly from you! From 6:30pm to 8:00pm, we’ll be fielding questions from members and discussion the state of the club. This will take place in person in DARC 308. If you want to submit some questions ahead of time, take a look our our question form here:

Please Note: This Town Hall is in regards to only how GDA operates. We would like to avoid any questions regarding any other organization (including but not limited to UCSC as a whole and the games majors (AGPM and CS:GD)). We hope this will be a great experience for everyone and we hope to see you there!


For those who don’t know, Slugcon is a annual UCSC gaming and anime convention ran by Slug Anime and Manga Association (SAMA). Ever year, GDA runs a playtest and panel discussing the mock studio game of that year! The event is on May 19th at Merrill Cultural Center. The whole event runs from 1pm to 7pm, and our panel starts at 1pm. Come out and show your support for Malisense! Speaking of showcasing Malisense, we need your help with…


If you’ve had any funny/silly bugs or moments during the development of Malisense, send it to us in the Malisense Discord in the new #game-goofs channel! We plan to showcase these in our Slugcon presentation so help us out and send some our way!

Development Updates

Sprint 6 is done! WOOOO! Malisense has really come a long way, and it shows! Here’s the big updates for this sprint!


  • Inky Scripts, Dungeon Floor Implementation, Art Assets – May 6th
  • Asset ImplementationMay 13th



  • Doors & Switches
  • Player Interaction
  • Pause for Floor Notes
Needs to be Done:
  • Fixing Sound Beast
  • Fixing Scent Beast
  • Fixing Distraction State
  • Putting In Assets
  • Magic Hand Artifact
  • Safe Zones
  • Item Functionality
  • Loading Screen


  • Title Screen Illustration
  • Mayor Sprite
  • High Priest Design
  • More Tiles/Props!

Needs to be Done

  • The tileset
  • Animations
  • Scholar Design and Sprite
  • Finalized Ending Cutscene


  • Floor 1 Revisions
  • Floor 2 Design

Needs to be Done

  • Floor 1 Revisions Implementation
  • Floor 2 Implementation


  • NPC Dialogue
  • Final Cutscene Dialogue
Needs to be Done:
  • Inky Implementation

That’s all for today’s meeting! See you next week for the first GDA Town Hall!


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