Patch Notes 5/10/2024: GDA Town Hall!!!

Today marks our first ever GDA Town Hall! For those who aren’t familiar, the Town Hall serves as a Q&A as well a forum for us to discuss what members want out of the club. You can find a record of all the questions and answers later in this page (AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS WILL BE ADDED LATER). As always, we also had some announcements and development updates to share.


Slugcon Is Coming Up!

Slugcon, just a week away! Slugcon is a annual UCSC gaming and anime convention ran by Slug Anime and Manga Association (SAMA). Ever year, GDA runs a playtest and panel discussing the mock studio game of that year! The event is on May 19th at Merrill Cultural Center. The whole event runs from 1pm to 7pm, and our panel starts at 1pm. Come out and show your support for Malisense! Last time around we asked y’all for some game goofs to showcase in our presentation, and we still need em! If you have funny development moments, send them our way in the #game-goofs channel in the Malisense Discord!


We’re hosting our own version of GDC called the GDA Conference (GDAC for short). GDC (the Game Developers Conference) is a place to meet fellow game devs, do fun workshops, and listen in on cool guest speaker events, and GDAC will be much the same! We’ll be running some networking events, as well as having some guest speakers, portfolio/resume reviews, & mock interviews! Interested? It’s happening May 26th from 12pm to 5pm at the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) Room 308. Sign up here!

Final Malisense Credit Form

Did you do any work on Malisense? Any at all? Then fill out this form (unless you already have filled out one of the earlier forms detailing your work):! If you do not fill out this form, you will not get credit for your work. What if you’re not sure if you’ve worked on it? We get it, we’ve been working on this game for a while now. Just reach out to us! We can check our documentation to see if you have done something to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

Development Updates

Sprint 7 is afoot, ending next friday! Development is almost finished! Let’s go over some of the remaining deadlines and progress.


  • Feature Imp. Deadline (TODAY)
    • Level Implementation,  Art Animations, 
    • Tile Set Tweaks, FMOD Events, Features Imp.
  • Implementation Deadline (MONDAY 5/13)
    • Asset Implementation & Anything else



Needs to be Done:
  • Distraction State for Sound/Scent Beast
  • Magic Hand Artifact
  • Flash Dust Item
  • Shop System
  • Loading Screen
  • Scent Beast
  • Art Asset Implementation


Needs to be Done
  • Asset Tweaks
    • Animations, tilesets & other (for prog) 
  • Promotional Material (trailer & itch page)
  • Animations due TONIGHT


Needs to be Done
  • Finishing up Floor 2 Implementation (90% done)


Needs to be done:


Needs to be Done
  • Finalizing Inky Implementation & tweaks

That’s all for today’s meeting! See you next week for the first GDA Town Hall!


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