About Us

We are Game Design and Art Collaboration (GDA)! We were founded in January 2015, by a small group of UC Santa Cruz students. Our mission statement is to promote the collaborative work of artists, musicians, programmers, and game designers, with an emphasis on networking and skill-sharing. That involves a few programs:

Over the course of every school year, we run the Mock Studio, where students pitch and then develop game(s) that we work on as a community. The Mock Studio is great for learning about the process and production of game-making from start to finish, and we highly recommend it; as a nice bonus, you’ll have a demo game to show off at the end of every school year!

We also run a variety of workshops and game jams separately from the Mock Studio to build game development skills.

Contact us if you have any questions!

GDA Officers

Our current officers are:

President – Tiana Chamsi

Vice President & Production Officer – Jane Grantham

Design Officer – Tori Moore

Design Officer – Jessica Yoon

Design Officer – Alexa Medina

Sound Officer – Vinh Ta

Writing Officer – Seren Becker

Writing Officer – Celine Lafosse

Webmaster/Programming Officer – Rohan Venkatapuram