Mock Studio Games

You can play most of our games through our page, but we have a few that are only hosted on our website! So here they are, in their totality:


Drive a Taco Truck and serve customers on a road trip to unite two friends.


Play two arcade games across dimensions to make sure nothing emerges from The Other Side...

Sea Star Crossed Lovers

A starry visual novel and block stacking puzzle game.

Gremlin Garden

Take care of Gremlins and race them against each other in this Gremlin caring simulator.


A relaxing game about making and keeping friends through plant care.

Elevator Pitch

A four player Co-op game about getting to the 100th floor.

Occultus Ocularus

A vaporwave inspired puzzle platformer.

Seeds of Love

A sapphic farming-themed rhythm game/visual novel.

Super Ball

Take the dodgeball championship in this turn-based RPG.


Fight the Evil Eye in this typing RPG and visual novel.


An isometric puzzle game with mystery around every corner.

Bottom Gun

A bullet hell action game set in the Cold War, with plenty of hot dates to choose from.


A rhythm game with colorful characters and challenging bosses.


A battle for life, death and pizza rolls.

Sub Wave

In your submarine, explore an underwater cavern while avoiding dangers in the deep.

Red Creek

A point-and-click adventure game about solving a murder in the mysterious town of Red Creek.

Out of Hand

A series of tense handshakes that will define the success of your life.