TacoCat: Our Work In Progress

What is it about?

Taco Cat tells the story of a cat named Alex wanting to meet up with his online best friend Jamie, who lives across the state. How will he do it? Using his family’s trusty taco truck of course! However, time is against him as Jamie is going back to college soon! Will Alex make it in time to hang out with Jamie? That will be up to you, the player!

How will it play?

Taco Cat’s gameplay will consist of two parts: driving and taco making. The driving is how Jamie makes his way to Alex. You can navigate the hilly terrain in a 2D environment, using gas to accelerate the car.

Taco Cat Driving Demo

But, how do you earn the money to buy the gas? By selling tacos of course! Assemble ingredients to form the perfect taco to sell to hungry customers. The better you do, the more money you’ll have for gas.

Development Progress

Our hub for everything we do is our GDA Discord Server! From here, there are some more specific servers you may be interested in joining that can be found in our #links channel. These include the Taco Cat development server and servers for the individual departments. Speaking of, here is what each department has been able to achieve so far in development!


The Art department has been hard at work creating assets for various things, including designs for the main characters, designs for the customers, ideas for the backgrounds in the driving game, and concepts for the truck itself.


The Design Department focuses on figuring out what the gameplay should feel like and how the player can interact with the game. For an example of what they’ve been up to, read up on their UI/UX Design Document for the Driving and Taco Making games.


The Programming Department has been working on making aspects of the game playable. This includes working on a playable driving demo, designing a distance and time system, and creating systems to generate the terrains (Bezier Curve Generation and 2D Ground Generation).


The Sound Department, as you might imagine, works on all the sound that shows up in the game. We have some great song demos ready for various different parts of the game.

Driving at Dusk Concept Track by Vinh Ta
Story Segment Concept Track by Jackson Richmond
Fast Driving Concept Track by Jacob Dickerman
Taco Making Concept Track by Jackson Richmond


The Writing Department works on writing dialogue as well as fleshing out the characters and world. For an example of what they’ve been working on, here’s the character writing document for Jamie!