Patch Notes 3/8/2024: Malisense Vertical Slice Playtest!

Today marks the completion of our Vertical Slice build! This is our first build where have integrated at least some amount of every aspect of the game! If you worked on Malisense so far, please fill out this credit form! This is how we keep track of who did what so far, so you must fill this out! With the Malisense vertical slice build complete, NO MORE DEVELOPMENT WILL OCCUR DURING UNTIL SPRING QUARTER! Along with all this incredible Malisense news, we have some other Announcements!


Winter Quarter Development Party!

With development being done for the quarter, you might be wondering what we’re doing next week. Well, we’re gonna party! On 3/15 there will be games, free food, and a guest speaker! Our guest speaker Kaitlyn Richardson is the assistant director of admissions for graduate programs at Northeastern University Oakland! If you’re interested in pursuing an MS or PhD, make sure to tune into this to get some valuable insight! Important Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest speaker event, with Northeastern University Oakland providing the funding for the party.

Department Feedback Forms

With the quarter coming to an end, we’d love to know what you think of how the departments have been doing! So, please help us out by filling out the forms! The more feedback we get from y’all the better we can make the club experience for everyone in the coming quarter! Below are links for all the forms by department:






That’s all for this meeting! See you all next week for the last meeting of the quarter!!!!

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