Welcome to Game Design and Art Collaboration Club (GDA)!

This website is for all things GDA! Whether you’re new to the club and want to learn more or you’re a long time member looking for updates on the happenings of the club, this is the place to be!

Who are we?

We are the club for all things game development at University of California Santa Cruz. Whether you want to work on games together through our Mock Studio, expand your skillset through our various Events and Workshops, or just hang out with our community in weekly Community Events, there’s always something for you here at GDA! Want to learn to learn more? Visit our About Us page, as well our latest meeting notes to see what we’ve been up to!

Mock Studio

Mock Studio is where we as a club work together to develop games! We meet weekly on Fridays from 6-8pm. Want to join in on the fun? Join our Discord to get notified on when meetings and other events happen.

What Have We Been Up To?

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most recent meetings!

Recent Meetings

5/10/2024: GDA Town Hall!

Today marks our first ever GDA Town Hall! For those who aren’t familiar, the Town Hall serves as a Q&A as well a forum for us to discuss what members want out of the club. As always, we also had some announcements and development updates to share (including info on the last Malisense Credit Form!!!). Click here to read the full post!

5/3/2024: Sprint 6 Playtest!

To close off our 6th sprint, we had another playtest, featuring not only our latest build of Malisense but also various other games made by members and UCSC students! We also had various announcements. Most notably that our officer recruitment is closing, and that we’ll be at UCSC’s annual Slugcon (and we need your help for the Malisense presentation there)! Click here to read the full post!

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Meeting and Event Calendar

If there is no listed event or location, check the Discord, either for the club as a whole or for the department you’re interested in!

Our Socials

Make sure to join our Discord! Discord is the hub for GDACollab announcements, events, and more.